5 Reasons Why You Need a Termite Bond

5 Reasons Why You Need a Termite Bond

  • 5 Reasons Why You Need a Termite Bond

Termites are some of the hardest insects to identify and find in and around a home. That’s why, each year, they cause billions of dollars of damage. Termite colonies eat 24 hours a day and munch on wood fibers, cardboard, and cotton. These winged insects look like flying ants, but hide out in dark places in and under homes, destroying wood as they eat. Termites can live undetected for years because they don’t venture far from their colony unless swarming and stay hidden underground or inside a home silently eating away. Often, a homeowner sees evidence of termites before they see the insects themselves. Instead of risking you might have termites or waiting for evidence, you might consider a termite bond.

A termite bond is like an insurance policy or a contract between a homeowner and a pest control service. It usually states that the pest control service will continually inspect and treat a home for termite prevention, and, in the off chance that termites are discovered during treatment, the company will pay for the removal of the pests and sometimes also pay for damage repair. Treatments for termites are free if they reoccur for the life of the bond. If you’ve been living in your home unaware of any issues, you might be wondering why you would need a termite bond. Here are five reasons to consider one.

1. Peace of Mind

If your home has evidence of past termite activity, you never know when or if it will become an issue again. Having a termite bond gives you peace of mind that a professional is keeping an eye out and checking on your home regularly. Termites don’t announce themselves when they choose a home to infest. In fact, they are silent and active all year round in eastern Virginia. Eastern subterranean termites are commonly found in eastern Virginia and thrive in warm, dark, and humid places. Crawl spaces are likely places for termites to set up shop. Unless you enjoy crawling under your home regularly, it’s best to leave looking for these pesky munchers to the professionals.

2. Future Protection

Even if your house hasn’t become a hangout for termites, if left unprotected, it could still become the target of a termite colony, and the damage they cause if your home becomes one can be costly. Fixing termite damage is costly because they usually start at the foundation of a home and work their way up. The area that needs repair can be difficult to reach and requires professional know-how. Termites often aren’t discovered until the damage is visible, which means they have been steadily destroying your home for quite a while in secret. Having a termite bond can keep you from spending hundreds or thousands on repairs.

3. You are Selling Your Home

Buyers want to know the home they are buying is free from pests and structural damage. A smart buyer will ask for a termite bond as part of a purchasing contract. Similarly, most lenders won’t approve a mortgage without a termite bond as well. Waiting until your home is on the market or an offer on the table to purchase one could delay closing. Having a termite bond will help ensure that selling your home will be hiccup-free.

4. You Found Termites

Finding termites or evidence of them can be distressing, but it’s not too late to help your future self. A quick inspection and clearing of the insects will give you a fresh start and the opportunity to put a new contract in place. This will ensure your house is kept safe from any unwanted returns of termites and further house damage.

5. It Saves You Money

The price of a termite bond can be far less than the cost of cleanup and repairs. Although there is no way to pinpoint how much damage and repairs could cost, saving the inconvenience of eradication and the cost of repairs is considered well worth the price of insurance

Partnering with an experienced, local pest control and treatment company is the best way to keep these unwanted pests out of your home. Our trained technicians use prescribed environmentally safe treatments in local areas so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of pets or kids. Eco Pest Control is the leading termite inspection company in eastern Virginia. Our trained technicians are certified termite inspectors, trained in the identification, treatment, and control of termites.

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