April Invaders: Virginia Pests You’ll Likely Start Seeing

April Invaders: Virginia Pests You’ll Likely Start Seeing

  • April Invaders: Virginia Pests You’ll Likely Start Seeing

As the days grow longer and the warmer weather slowly settles in, Virginia homeowners brace themselves for the season of pests. April marks the beginning of the unwelcome arrival of many critters set on taking up residence in your home, yard, or garden. In this article, we’ll discuss the common pests you’ll likely start encountering in April and explore the ways you can keep these uninvited guests at bay. With some knowledge and timely action, you can protect your home from these pesky invaders.


Some of the first pests you’re likely to spot in April are ants. As the ground warms up, ants become more active and start to forage for food. With more than 50 species of ants native to Virginia, they can cause a myriad of problems for homeowners, from home and garden damage to painful bites. To deter ants from invading your home, keep kitchen surfaces clean and free of food crumbs and tightly seal food storage containers. Addressing potential entry points such as window sills and cracks in your home’s foundation can also help prevent ants from coming inside.


Termites are another pest you can expect to encounter in April as they initiate their swarming season. These destructive insects can cause serious damage to wooden structures, often going unnoticed until it’s too late. If you see flying termites or find piles of wings around your home, it’s a sign that you might have a termite infestation. To safeguard your home from termites, be sure to inspect your home’s foundation, wooden structures, and trees on your property for signs of termite activity. Termite control requires professional help, so call us if you suspect an infestation and need an immediate termite inspection.


As temperatures rise, mosquitoes become more active and can make spending time outdoors a hassle. While they can be a nuisance and leave itchy bites, mosquitoes also pose a health risk as they can transmit diseases such as the West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis. To keep mosquitoes in check, eliminate standing water around your home, and consider using mosquito repellent if you spend time outdoors. Screens on windows and doors will also help keep them from entering your home.


April is also the beginning of tick season in Virginia, and these pests can be a major concern as they can transmit various diseases, such as Lyme disease, to both humans and pets. To protect yourself and your pets from ticks, wear protective clothing and use tick repellent when spending time outdoors. Additionally, regular inspections of yourself, family members, and pets for ticks after being outside can help prevent any unwanted tick-borne illnesses.

Stinging Insects

Finally, April sees the increased activity of stinging insects such as wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets. These pests can make spending time outdoors an unpleasant and even dangerous experience for those with allergies. To minimize the risk of stinging insects, inspect your property for nests and remove them if possible. Keep trash cans tightly sealed and clean up any fallen fruit, as these can attract wasps and yellow jackets. If you find a large nest or are not comfortable handling the situation yourself, call a professional for assistance.

April may mark the beginning of several unwelcome pests in Virginia, but it doesn’t mean that they have to take over your home and yard. By being proactive and addressing issues as soon as they arise, you can keep these common pests under control and continue to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. Whether it’s ants, termites, mosquitoes, ticks, or stinging insects, take timely action and call in the professionals when necessary to protect the well-being of your family and property all season long. We’re always just a phone call away.

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