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Our Mosquito Programs

The best time to call a mosquito exterminator is before you have a problem.

Our highly trained exterminators have years of experience treating mosquitos, which is why you can trust Eco Pest Control to protect your home and your yard. Contact us today to find out which plan is best for you or to schedule a free mosquito inspection with an exterminator anywhere in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas.

  • Standard Targets Mosquitos, Ticks, and Fleas

    We’ll spray your property every three weeks during mosquito season using our standard service.

    • Uses Fogging
    • Includes Larvicide Treatments
    • Time for Results: Immediate
    • Expected Knock Down After 1 Treatment: 90%
    • Expected Knock Down After 2 Treatments: 100%
  • All-Natural, Green Targets Mosquitos, Ticks, and Fleas

    We’ll use our green, all-natural repellant to spray your property throughout mosquito season.

    • Uses Fogging
    • Includes Larvicide Treatments
    • Time for Results: 1 Day
    • Expected Knock Down After 1 Treatment: 85%
    • Expected Knock Down After 2 Treatments: 95%
  • Bee & Butterfly Friendly Targets Mosquitos & Protects Pollinators

    Our special mosquito bait traps eliminate up to 90% of mosquitos without harming bees and butterflies.

    • Uses Bait Traps
    • Includes Larvicide Treatments
    • Time for Results: 2-3 Weeks
    • Expected Knock Down After 1 Treatment: 10%
    • Expected Knock Down After 2 Treatments: 90%


About the In2Care Mosquito Control Station

The In2Care mosquito control system uses specially designed stations that are placed around your yard. These traps are filled with two active ingredients.  One that is a powerful insect growth regulator that keeps immature stages of the mosquito from developing into biting adults and the other is a naturally occurring fungus that slowly kills the infected adults and reduces their ability to bite over time.

When the female mosquito enters the station, the larvicide growth regulator this is also in the water of the station attaches itself to the mosquito.  She then spreads this active ingredient to other breeding sites she will visit, killing the mosquito larvae there also.  No other system available has this ability to ‘transfer’ to other hard to find breeding sites in and around the yard, which is why In2Care is unique and very effective:  More than just a trap!

Because In2Care controls uses current mosquito populations to control future ones in your yard, it takes two to three weeks for the In2Care mosquito stations to become fully effective, the sooner you schedule the installation of your stations, the less you’ll be “bugged” once mosquito season arrives.

With In2Care, Eco Pest Control is not only empowering Richmond and Williamsburg residents to take charge of their mosquito control but also helping families enjoy the outdoors without worrying about mosquito-borne illnesses. Thanks to In2Care, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your family is protected from mosquitos and their associated diseases.

How In2Care Mosquito Controls Female Mosquitoes

When the female mosquitos enter the trap, they land on a treated floating gauze strip, exposing them to a naturally occurring fungus and bioactive larvicide powder. The mosquitoes’ bodies absorb the fungus, while the larvicide powder sticks to their feet, legs and body.

  • After the female mosquitoes fly out of the station, they will travel to other breeding sites, which spreads the mosquito-killing larvicide to those locations. The larvicide will kill the larvae before they become biting adults as well as the larvae of other female mosquitoes that visit those breeding sites.
  • While this is happening, the fungus that is also on the mosquito’s body is working to slow down her body functions, reducing her ability to bite while still allowing her to lay her complement of eggs and spreading the active ingredients.
  • Eventually, the exposed mosquitoes are killed by the fungus.

In2Care’s specially designed traps reduce the population of aggressive Asian Tiger and Yellow Fever mosquito as well as the night biting Culex mosquitoes by preventing larvae from becoming adults – thus breaking the cycle at an early stage – and killing female mosquitoes. This method offers an effective, reliable, and affordable solution to mosquito control in Richmond and Williamsburg.

What are the Benefits of Using an In2Care Mosquito Control Station Compared to Other Traps?

The In2Care Mosquito Station offers many advantages over traditional mosquito control strategies. In2Care can sustainably reduce adult female mosquitoes all season long. making In2Care an effective solution for controlling mosquito populations in Richmond and Williamsburg.

However, the best part of the In2Care mosquito control system is that the female mosquitoes act as their own mosquito exterminators. Once we set the mosquito traps in your yard, the female mosquitoes will spread the mosquito repellant to their breeding sites. In this way, In2Care is not only a mosquito prevention treatment but also prevents mosquito infestations because it targets both adult mosquitoes and larvae.

The In2Care mosquito traps are also eco-friendly. The larvicide growth regulator is approved for use in human drinking water by the World Health Organization and the fungus is EPA-approved for application to tree crops.

In short, In2Care is an effective and affordable solution for mosquito control in Richmond and Williamsburg.

Is the In2Care Mosquito Control Station Safe for Use Around Pets and Children?

Yes, In2Care is suitable to use around pets and children. In2Care uses ingredients that are specially formulated for mosquito control, so they have no adverse effects on humans or other animals. In2Care’s larvicide release also helps prevent breeding and reduce the number of mosquitoes in the area without any risk to your family’s health and safety. In2Care has been thoroughly tested, so you can rest assured knowing that In2Care is a reliable solution for mosquito control in Richmond and Williamsburg.

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