How to Win the War Against Mosquitos

How to Win the War Against Mosquitos

  • How to Win the War Against Mosquitos

This is the time of year in eastern Virginia when mosquitos are at their worst. If mosquitoes are attacking you during the day, the culprit is likely the Asian tiger mosquito, which is an aggressive biter. Asian tiger mosquitoes are the most common and widespread mosquitoes in Virginia and bite only during the daytime. They will sometimes bite after dark, but only when there is illumination from outdoor lights or when they get indoors. They only breed in containers or tree holes.

The best way to eliminate Asian tiger mosquitoes is to eliminate all standing water in containers on your property. Replace the water in birdbaths and wading pools every week and take an inventory of your yard to identify any items such as buckets, tarps, clogged gutters, toys, and tree holes – including knot holes. Any place holding standing water is a potential breeding ground for Asian tiger mosquitoes.

8 Ways to Win the War Against Mosquitoes

  1. Treat Water Features: It’s not always possible to get rid of standing water, especially if you have a small pond or other water feature in your yard. If that’s the case, then treat the water with substances that kill mosquito larvae. For ponds, mosquito larvicide will suffocate mosquito larvae – and any other insects in the water – without harming fish. Other products include briquettes that, when place in the water, produce a toxic bacterial spore that kills mosquito larvae but won’t harm fish or animals. Always check the manufacturer’s product description to ensure the product is safe for fish, birds, and animals.
  2. Chlorinate Swimming Pools: If you keep the water in your pool or hot tub chlorinated, then mosquitoes can’t breed there. For small fountains, birdbaths, and wading pools that you don’t want to chlorinate, simply change the water once a week to dispose of mosquito larvae. Sweep surfaces with a brush to knock off eggs before refilling the container.
  3. Turn on Fans: The carbon dioxide we exhale and our natural body odors are particularly attractive to Asian tiger mosquitoes. Once they get a whiff, they home in on us and attack relentlessly. Because rapid air movement confuses mosquitoes and dissipates cardon dioxide and body odors, fans running at ground level make it harder for mosquitoes to find us. In addition, mosquitoes are weak flyers, and the breeze from ground-level fans makes it difficult for them to fly, keeping them away from you and your family.
  4. Install Bug Bulbs: Installing a yellow light bulb in your porch light or any outdoor fixture will cut down the number of mosquitoes – and other bugs – around it so much that you may think it’s eliminated them.
  5. Wear Light-Colored Clothing: Light-colored clothing in the summertime has two advantages. First, it is cooler, because light-colored clothing reflects most of the visible wavelengths of the sun, which, in turn, absorbs less heat. Second, mosquitoes are attracted to darker-colored materials, meaning that light-colored clothing will make you less susceptible to a mosquito attack.
  6. Avoid Scented Body Products: Many perfumes and body lotions attract mosquitoes, so it’s best to leave these in your bathroom vanity if you are planning to spend the day in your yard.
  7. Keep a Neatly Maintained Yard: Like us, mosquitoes don’t like heat. So, they’ll look for hedges, bushes, and tall grass that can provide shade and shelter. The fewer shaded areas they find, the less time they’ll spend in your yard. As such, keep the hedges and bushes trimmed, and keep your yard mowed.
  8. Call Us: Our Eco Pest Control technicians treat the specific areas to get rid of mosquitoes, covering the exterior of your home, including your shrubs and other places where mosquitoes reside and hide during the day. Regular treatments are recommended during the warm months of the year. With our highly trained exterminators and years of experience treating mosquitos, Eco Pest Control is the company you can trust to protect your home and your yard. Contact us today to find out what plans are best for you and how we can help or schedule a free inspection for mosquito control in the Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas.

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Why Eco Pest Control is the Leading Mosquito Treatment Company in the Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg Areas

Mosquitos have you swatting? Rely on Eco Pest Control, the leading mosquito treatment company in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas. We give you four reasons why you can trust us to take care of your mosquito problem.

  1. Our company provides staff with extensive training in the treatment of mosquitos that enables them to solve your most basic mosquito control problems.
  2. We invest in ongoing education in the treatment and control of mosquitos to ensure we stay abreast of industry advances.
  3. We offer free mosquito inspections, which comes with a complimentary mosquito control and treatment plan.
  4. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, we will come back for free. What else would you expect from the leading mosquito control and treatment company?

Let’s End Malaria Together!

Eco Pest will be donating one net for every mosquito control treatment we provide! Eco Pest is raising money to send protective mosquito nets and other malaria interventions through the Nothing But Nets campaign.


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