The Magic of the Sentricon Termite System

The Magic of the Sentricon Termite System

To get rid of termites in Richmond, Williamsburg, or Newport News, Eco Pest Control recommends using the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active technology. The Sentricon system has been proven to eliminate entire termite colonies, making it the optimal choice for exterminating termites in eastern Virginia.

We take a three-step approach when applying the Sentricon technology. First, our Eco Pest Control technician – who is trained in the Sentricon system – inspects the home or business for signs of termite damage. The technician then places stations in the soil around the property. We then return annually to monitor and protect against future termite invasions.

What is Sentricon?

Sentricon is a non-intrusive, environmentally responsible termite exterminating solution. Eco Pest Control’s treatment methods do not involve drilling in floors or foundations, trenching your yard, or injecting chemical solutions into the ground. In addition, the bait used to eliminate termites poses no hazard to groundwater and is the only termite control product to ever receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.

Sentricon’s magic is in its Always Active technology, which works by using termite bait that is scientifically proven to be more appealing than wood. Once a few termites take the bait, they will lead other termites to it. This spreads the bait to other members of the colony until the entire termite colony is destroyed, stopping further damage from inside your home or building.

Your Eco Pest Control termite exterminator checks the bait station during your annual inspection to ensure its ongoing effectiveness. In addition, our termite inspection and exterminator plans come with 12-month warranties that are renewable and transferable.

Aren’t Termite Baits Pretty Much the Same?

Products within the same class of chemistry can have different effects on a termite colony. The active ingredient in the Sentricon System – which is called novaflumuron – affects termites slowly, allowing them to recruit other colony members to feed on the bait, ultimately causing termite colony elimination. With most other termite baits, the active ingredients may cause termites to die or become ill near the bait station. In these cases, termites tend to avoid the baited area, reducing the effectiveness of the bait on the colony.

What’s more, the Sentricon System is a stand-alone termite treatment, which means it does not have to be used with a liquid termiticide. Not all termite baits can be used alone.

Backed By Research

The Sentricon System has been tested by 15 universities and the United States Department of Agriculture against all economically important subterranean termite species. More than 30 scientific papers have been published on the Sentricon System and/or its components. In fact, Sentricon is one of the most widely research termite systems available today.