Is Professional Termite Control a Necessity?

Is Professional Termite Control a Necessity?

Although termites don’t pose a direct threat to people, they do pose a direct threat to your home, which is why every building – residential or commercial – needs professional termite control.

In fact, you may never see termites in your home – until it is too late. Subterranean termites are social insects that live together in large colonies in the ground. Their diet consists of materials made of cellulose, and their favorite buffet of choice is wood. Sure, termites are beneficial in nature, as they help break down decaying wood and other organic materials. However, if they attack your home, they are highly destructive, causing more than $5 billion dollars in damage in the U.S. each year. Unless you like to take on unnecessary risks, you shouldn’t wait to call a professional termite control company.

Termite Behavior

Termites have a caste society and belong to one of three societal groups: workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Identifying which group a termite belongs to is easy, as each societal group has a different appearance. Workers, which make up most of the colony, are blind and have soft, cream-colored bodies. Soldiers have elongated, yellowish-colored heads and large jaws that they use to defend the colony. Reproductive members (kings and queens) have dark-colored bodies and are the only members of the colony that have wings. If you see any of these types of termites in your home, then it’s time to call a professional termite control company. In reality, if you wait to call professionals until you spot a termite or two, it might be too late; you will likely be dealing with damage mitigation rather than termite control.

Their Work is Silent

Because they are subterranean, workers enter your home unseen, and they will silently feast for months or even years on the wooden beams hidden inside your walls are underneath your floors. It is only until they have done extensive damage that they are usually discovered. Even worse, most homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, meaning that the repair costs will be out of pocket – unless you have a termite warrant with a professional termite control company.

While you should be on the lookout for those cream-colored worker termites, they might not be the only termites you see. You might also witness a termite swarm, which occurs when large numbers of winged reproductive members emerge from a mature colony to mate and create another colony, usually during the day. If you ever see a termite swarm on your property, call a professional termite control company immediately.

How Do I Know if I Have a Termite Problem?

Unfortunately, most people don’t know they a termite problem until it is too late, and while the services of a professional termite control company are still needed, so are the services of a general contractor, who might have to tear down walls to repair the damage that termites created.

Still, there are ways to minimize a termite problem to begin with, and the first and best approach is to schedule an inspection from a professional termite control company. Termites may be nesting on your property or a neighboring property, and a professional termite control company is trained to identify and mitigate nesting sites.

In the meantime, here’s what you can do:

  • Termites are attracted to water-damaged wood. If you have rotting trees, logs, or lumber near and around your home, have them removed.
  • Termites are also attracted to moisture. Check for and fix leaky pipes, fixtures, and clogged gutters that allow water to seep into the walls of your home and create significant moisture problems.
  • Subterranean termites often find their way into homes and other structures through deck posts, door frames, wood shingles, porch steps or supports, and other wooden objects that meet the ground. Inspect these areas regularly, and if you see any unusual activity or wood shavings, then call a professional termite control company.
  • Workers feed their colonies year-round, and they will continually tunnel through wooden structures to gather food, so ongoing inspection is important.
  • Termites typically invade wood that has been previously damaged by water and is in hard-to-reach areas of a home. These insects often feed on structural wood found above ceilings, below floors, and behind walls, so look for tell-tale signs of termite damage, such as soft spots in floors.
  • Though workers are initially attracted to water-damaged wood, over time they will begin to feed on not only sound wood, but also non-wooden items. So, inspect these areas too.
  • While we said it before, it bears repeating. Typically, you will not see termites until it is too late to prevent extensive damage to your home, which is why you should rely on a professional termite pest control.

Are All Professional Termite Control Companies the Same?

In a word, no. For instance, we specialize in green termite control, which not only prevents termites from taking up residence in your home, but also does it in a way that is environmentally friendly and safe for your family and pests.

As the leading professional termite control company in eastern Virginia, we offer the Sentricon system, which is effective, environmentally friendly, and the most recognized name in termite bait stations. Following your termite inspection, your Eco Pest Control professional termite exterminator – who is certified in the Sentricon system – can install and maintain your system.

Sentricon’s magic is in its Always Active technology, which works by using termite bait that is scientifically proven to be more appealing than wood. Once a few termites take the bait, they will lead other termites to it. This spreads the bait to other members of the colony until the entire termite colony is destroyed, stopping further damage from inside your home or building. Your Eco Pest Control termite exterminator checks the bait station during your annual inspection to ensure its ongoing effectiveness. In addition, our termite inspection and exterminator plans come with 12-month warranties that are renewable and transferable.

How to Prevent Termites

In addition to investing in professional termite control, you can help keep destructive termites out of your home or business with the help of the following 11 prevention tips:

  1. Prevent wooden structures from becoming water damaged by properly treating the wood.
  2. Remove fallen trees, tree limbs, leaf piles, and similar debris from your property.
  3. Leave an 18- to 20-inch barrier between the foundation and any mulch or soil.
  4. Fix leaky pipes or fixtures in or around your home or business.
  5. Seal up entry points in the foundation of your property.
  6. Limit wood to soil contact on your property and around your property.
  7. Reduce humidity levels in your home or business by using dehumidifiers.
  8. Remove structural wood from your property that has been damaged by water.
  9. Store all firewood off the ground and away from the exterior of your property.
  10. Place weather-stripping around windows and doors and maintain gutters to stop water from seeping into your home.
  11. Schedule a professional termite inspection with Eco Pest Control.

Why Eco Pest Control is the Leading Professional Termite Control Company in the Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg Areas

Do you think you have a termite problem? Rely on Eco Pest Control, the leading professional termite control company in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas. We give you four reasons why you can trust us to take care of your termite problem.

  1. Our company provides our professional staff with extensive training in the identification and treatment of termites that enables them to solve your most basic termite pest control problems.
  2. We invest in ongoing education in the treatment and control of termites to ensure we stay abreast of industry advances.
  3. We offer free termite inspections, which comes with a complimentary pest control and treatment plan.
  4. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, we will come back for free. What else would you expect from the leading professional termite pest control and treatment company?


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