Choosing the Most Effective Ant Killers

Choosing the Most Effective Ant Killers

  • Choosing the Most Effective Ant Killers

The sight of ants in the home is a signal not to be ignored. The search for your best choice of ant killers is important, because so many are available, from simple cider vinegar that will clear your countertop to chemical compounds that follow ants back to their nest and eradicate them all. Selecting the answer that is right for you – this is something we can help with, and we are glad to consult anytime on the subject of ant killers. We’ve got good reasons why.

Much More than a Nuisance

Not only are ants a nuisance and a sign that there is something important to take care of in your home, but ants represent more than one kind of threat to the well-being of you and your family. Ant killers are a hot topic, because more and more, people recognize the nature of these threats, including infections, illness, and allergic reactions. Ants are not as innocent as they look.

Food contamination is the first hazard to consider, because it can take place even with the smallest ant invasion. You don’t need a big colony in the home to face the possibility that bacteria are being carried by ants into the food you serve your family. As they move around your home, ants pick up and carry germs, not only to your food, but also to your kitchen utensils. Salmonella, shigella, and E. coli are just a few of the kinds of bacteria that are more than happy to hitch a ride on a passing ant, particularly if that ant has walked through the bathroom, or near your trash can.

It doesn’t take a sting or bite to become infected with staph or strep germs from an ant. All you have to do is eat something from your own kitchen after it has been visited by an ant carrying that bacterium. Thankfully infections like these are relatively rare, especially when people are careful to store food in sealed containers. Still, all it takes is crumbs on the countertop or floor or moisture collected below the sink or refrigerator to attract the ants that become carriers of these bacteria. Because it is difficult to eliminate all these temptations all the time, ant killers are important to have in your own mental tool kit for your home’s well-being.

The Matter of Bites and Stings

Ant killers are sought after, too, because contamination is not the only threat presented by ants in the home. Although some kinds of ants are more likely to bite, just because of their size, practically any ant can use their jaws to pinch your skin. Thankfully, most ants don’t go out of their way to do this, but if they are defending themselves or if they think their colony is threatened, this is their natural reaction. An ant bite alone is not a big deal, but the possibility of infection or allergic reaction is a big deal indeed. If ant bites are not cleaned and cared for, then inflammation from a secondary bacterial infection is what can follow.

Stings are different from bites and certain kinds of ants are better at it than others. If you have an ant sting, it will show up as pain, swelling, itching, and/or redness. People who are particular sensitive to the ant’s kind of venom may experience nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, or stomach cramps. In some cases, the sting can also bring on hoarseness or difficulty swallowing, or even chest pain or difficulty breathing. Ant killers start to seem more important when we consider consequences such as these.

Awareness is Key

Here are some signs to look for. If you observe any of these in or near your home, then by all means give us a call and let’s determine your best choice among the ant killers available today.

Seeing live ants is not always a sign that you have an infestation. A few ants might be on the hunt for food, just passing through, or intent on sampling an occasional spill or crumb that might have escaped your attention. However, if you see several, you can conclude that a colony is close at hand.

Seeing ants on the march, one behind the other, means it is likely that their colony is nearby. Ants travel in this pattern when they have discovered a food source. They are programmed to lay down a trail of pheromones that attract more helpers and make it easy for them to follow the trail to the reliable food source and back to the colony. That trail of pheromones will continue attracting more ants.

Pet food bowls and containers can be ant magnets, too, because ants find pet food just as appetizing as people food. Keeping your pets’ feeding area clean and dry will pay dividends in avoiding unwelcome guests.

With an Expert on Call

Please consider us your expert ant killers, standing by to help with everything from diagnosis to the right choice of ant killers. This is a common pest, but not one to be taken likely, and we are here to help.

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