Got Sugar Ants? Here’s What To Do

Got Sugar Ants? Here’s What To Do

  • Got Sugar Ants? Here’s What To Do

So, you thought ants were a summer problem and are now wondering why they are invading your kitchen this winter.

What you’re witnessing is likely sugar ants, and they are one of the most difficult pests to treat. In fact, if you don’t go about it the right way, you just may make the situation worse. For instance, take on sugar ants with off-the-shelf ant spray, and you’ll likely make your problem worse, not better.

Why? Because store-bought sprays are repellent-based and when used on sugar ants, it only serves as a warning that they are under attack. When this happens, several bad things happen. First, they begin reproducing at a higher rate. Second, the ant colony may also split through a process called “budding.” In other words, the colony splits into several smaller colonies, which means your sugar ants not only in your kitchen, but also in your bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

What’s more, while the cold weather outside will likely kill any new colonies that aren’t already residing in your home, it won’t have any impact on the colonies that have already decided to over-winter in your kitchen.

What, then, are your options?

Sometimes It’s Best to Call in a Professional

Most ant infestations are difficult to get rid of and require a company that specializes in killing and controlling ants. However, before you bring in a company such as Eco Pest Control to take care of your sugar ant population, there are some things you can do to keep them at bay.

Erase Their Pheromone Trails

If you don’t want to spend money on a pest control company just yet, you can at least divert the trails of sugar ant scouts. Colonies send in scout ants to find food, and when they do, they leave a scent – a pheromone trail – for other ants to follow. Ants follow these pheromone trails, but these trails can be eradicated by spraying them with Windex. While this doesn’t really solve your problem, it can keep sugar ants from running amok across your countertops.

Use Ant Bait

The idea behind ant baits is that the sugar ants will take the bait back to their ant colonies as food. Once the other ants have ingested the poisonous bait, they’ll slowly begin to die. Most ant baits (sweet baits) contain boric acid or Borax, a slow-acting poison that kills the ants. While ant bait likely won’t eliminate your problem entirely, it will significantly reduce the size of the colony you are dealing with.

Clean, Clean and Clean Some More

If your sugar ants can’t find a food source, then they’ll be forced to move on. So, do a deep cleaning of your kitchen. Pull out the refrigerator and oven and clean thoroughly behind both. Make sure to clean any grease spots on and around the stove, too. Lastly, keep your counter dry. Ants need water to survive, just like us. Remove food and water sources, and you’ll keep your sugar ants under control, even if you don’t eliminate them entirely.

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