Pest Control Yard Service

Pest Control Yard Service


From mosquitoes and ants, to ticks and fleas, bugs can ruin an otherwise peaceful lawn. Pool parties, BBQs and other backyard festivities are all much less fun once the biting insects and other creepy crawlies show up. They’re not just nuisances either, bugs like mosquitoes and ticks, for instance, carry harmful diseases that put both your family and pets’ lives at risk.

Eco Pest Yard Service Includes:

  • A plan tailored to your needs: Your trained specialist will determine a treatment method based on conditions specific to your lawn, like vegetation or pets

  • Elimination of current pests: Your first application reduces the population of active lawn pests

  • Ongoing protection: Monthly, Bi-Monthly, or Quarterly services.

  • Total coverage for your lawn or landscape

  • Our yard service is the perfect complement to any Eco Pest Control service.

Eco Pest Control can significantly reduce the number of pests in your yard, including:

  • Chiggers

  • Earwigs

  • Fleas and ticks

  • Ants

  • Spiders

  • Mosquitoes (to a limited extent)

Based on the outcome of the initial inspection, in Eco Pest Control we will develop the best treatment plan in Richmond, VA to protect anyone that enters your yard.

Contact us today to find out what plans are best for you and how we can help or schedule an estimate with one of our exterminators.


Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks in Your Yard!

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The saliva of hard ticks contain proteins with changing compositions, making it difficult for a host’s immune system to detect a threat. This decreases the likelihood that the host’s immune system will even recognize that it’s being compromised.

If you find a flea on your cat or dog, there could be an infestation on your pets and around your home. Adult fleas are only a small percentage of the total population of a given infestation.