Celebrating Summer Safely: Tips for Pest-Free Barbecues

Celebrating Summer Safely: Tips for Pest-Free Barbecues

Summer is the season of outdoor barbecues and parties. While it is a fun time to enjoy grilled food with friends and family, it can also be an open invitation for pests such as mosquitoes, flies, and ants. These unwanted guests can ruin the mood of your gathering and pose a threat to the health and safety of your guests. However, it is possible to enjoy a pest-free barbecue and keep the bugs at bay. Here are some tips to help you celebrate summer safely.


Preparation is key to hosting a successful and pest-free barbecue. Start by cleaning your backyard and removing any standing water, as mosquitoes tend to breed in stagnant water. Clear the area of any debris, including food scraps, and seal garbage bins tightly. Trim the bushes and trees in your backyard, which could be potential hiding and breeding spots for pests. Additionally, make sure to close any entry points to your house, including windows and doors, to keep the pests out.

Create a Barrier

Creating barriers is the next step in hosting a pest-free barbecue. Installing screen doors and windows will prevent flies and mosquitoes from entering your home while allowing light and air to flow. Use citronella candles, mosquito coils, and insect repellents to create a barrier around your outdoor area. They are effective in keeping pests at bay and safe for humans, making your barbecue an enjoyable experience for all.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks are essential components of any barbecue. However, they can also attract pests such as ants, wasps, and bees. To keep the pests away, avoid serving food and drinks outdoors before your guests arrive. Instead, keep them covered and refrigerated until it’s time to serve. Use sealed containers to store food scraps and ensure that your garbage is covered and disposed of frequently. Use disposable plates, cups, and utensils to avoid washing them outdoors, which might allow food particles and scents to attract pests.


Entertainment is what makes your barbecue a memorable experience for your guests. However, it can be challenging to entertain your guests when pests are constantly buzzing around. Here are some tips to make your entertainment more enjoyable:

  • Play music to mask the buzzing sounds of pests.
  • Use bright-colored tablecloths and napkins, which can distract pests from your food.
  • Encourage your guests to wear light-colored clothing, as dark colors attract mosquitoes.
  • Provide fans to keep the air moving and make it hard for insects to fly in a single direction.
  • Avoid leaving food or drinks unattended as they can attract pests, which could be a hazard to your guest’s health and safety.

Hosting a pest-free barbecue takes planning and preparation, but it’s worth it in the end. By following these tips, you can create a barrier that will keep pests away, making it safer and more enjoyable for your guests. Moreover, you can ensure that your food and drinks remain clean and safe. This summer, make use of these tips and enjoy a pest-free barbecue with your friends and family.

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