Rat, Mice, and Rodent Extermination

Rat, Mice, and Rodent Extermination

Kick Them Out for Good

There’s an old adage that goes like this: “The best defense is a good offense.” For rat, mice, and rodent exterminators, what that means is that the best strategy is to keep these pests out of your home to begin with. Once an infestation begins, it is hard to stop. So, to minimize the likelihood that you will need to call us – one of the leading rat, mice, and rodent exterminators in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas – here are some things you can do to keep these rodents out of your home.

7 Strategies for Keeping Rodents Out of Your Home

  1. Fill holes, cracks, and gaps in your home
  2. Eliminate food sources
  3. Eliminate their habitats
  4. Maintain a four-foot buffer between your home and trees and shrubs
  5. Set traps inside
  6. Use baits outside
  7. Buddy up with your neighbors

Let’s consider each of these in a bit more detail.

1. Fill Holes, Cracks, and Gaps in Your Home

Rodents can slip through holes the size of a quarter; mice can squeeze through a hole even smaller than that. Check your home for any holes, cracks, and gaps that can serve as an entry point for these pests and seal them with steel wool, hardware cloth, caulk, cement, and plaster. Weather-strip doors and windows if there are large cracks. Failure to heed this first strategy could cause you to eventually call a rat, mice, and rodent exterminator.

2. Eliminate Food Sources

Rats, mice, and other rodents are very adept at finding food to eat. If you make food readily available for these pests, then you’ll eventually have to call a rat, mice, and rodent exterminator. So, always cover garbage cans. Pick produce from your garden and trees as it ripens. Pick up and compost fruit and vegetables that fall to the ground. Feed outdoor pets during the day and don’t leave leftover food lying around. And don’t store pet food outside unless it is kept in rodent-proof containers.

3. Eliminate Their Habitats

Rats, mice, and other rodents prefer to make their homes in debris, including old appliances, old cars, and piles of wood, limbs, and lumber. If you have debris on your property, remove it. If you have wood or lumber piles, keep them at least 18 inches above the ground and a couple feet away from your home. Rats and mice also like to hide in heavy vegetation, so cut back thick growth that can serve as their hideaway.

4. Maintain a Four-Foot Buffer Between Your Home and Trees and Shrubs

While mice can only jump about 13 inches, rats are extremely agile. Roof rats, in particular, have near-Olympian qualities and can swing beneath rafters, jump as far as four feet from branches to roof tops, and climb pipes and wires. A rat, mice, and rodent exterminator can identify areas on your property that need a little extra attention.

5. Set Traps Inside

Trapping is an effective means of controlling rodents. Snap and glue traps can be purchased at nurseries and hardware stores and are most effective when placed in rodent runways between harborage and feeding areas.

6. Use Baits and Poisons Outside

If using poison baits, read and follow all label instructions before use. Use tamper resistant bait stations that are properly secured so they can’t be carried away or moved. Place them out of reach of children and non-target animals. Bait stations should not be placed in the open but hidden behind shrubbery or other objects where rodent activity has been observed.

7. Buddy Up with Your Neighbors

If you have a rat, mice, or rodent problem, chances are your neighbors do, too. Band together with neighbors to check community areas for rat activity. Take the same steps listed above in these areas.

When to Call a Rat, Mice, and Rodent Exterminator

In general, the most effective step for eliminating rats, mice, and other rodents is to call professional exterminators when you see evidence of an infestation. Rats, specifically, are dangerous, so it’s best not to deal with them. Expert help from Eco Pest Control will give you much better results than working on your own.

Rodents are active at night, and they can chew through soffits and areas to get into your attic. They can be found in garages as well. Rodents are known for chewing because their teeth are constantly growing. They are known to chew through electrical wires in a home, vehicle wires, and many other items that are found around a home. Their feces are also a big nuisance in a home, as it can cost thousands of dollars to clean it up and make the home sanitary again.

How Eco Pest Control Handles Rat, Mice, and Rodent Extermination

There are two parts to taking care of rodents. The first is to determine how they are entering your home, and to come up with a plan to keep them out long term. The other is removing any rodents that might have made their way inside. Rodents will typically enter your home through the attic or garage. However, they can gain entry through holes and openings in other areas of your home. During this treatment, we will inspect your home and determine the rodent entry points, as well as determine how to best remove them. Your home will be protected if their entry points are sealed up and the rodents are eradicated.

Rodent infestations can easily get out of control and do-it-yourself methods are seldom fool proof. Locating, controlling, and exterminating rodents from your property is a task left best to those who are knowledgeable, trained, and equipped with effective methods and treatments. Call us today and find out why many of neighbors have made us the top rat, mice, and rodent exterminator in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas.

Why Eco Pest Control is the Leading Rat, Mice, and Rodent Exterminator in the Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg Areas

If you have a rodent infestation, then rely on Eco Pest Control, the leading rat, mice, and rodent exterminator in the greater Richmond, Newport News, and Williamsburg areas. We give you four reasons why you can trust us to take care of your vermin problem.

  1. Our company provides staff with extensive training in the identification and extermination and control of rats, mice, and rodents that enables them to solve your most basic pest control problems.
  2. We invest in ongoing education in the extermination and control of rodents to ensure we stay abreast of industry advances.
  3. We offer free rodent inspections, which comes with a complimentary pest control and extermination plan.
  4. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied, we will come back for free. What else would you expect from the leading rat, mice, and rodent exterminator?


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