5 Ways to Benefit From Green Pest Control This Earth Day

5 Ways to Benefit From Green Pest Control This Earth Day

Take good care of your home, yard, and planet on April 22nd.

Earth Day is fast approaching, and you’ve done your part to reduce your carbon footprint this year. You’ve adopted many habits around consumption and the companies that you choose to invest in financially. Before you purchase a product or service, you make it a point to do your research to make sure that your values align with the vision of the company you’re giving business to often.

As with other essential services such as plumbers and electricians that homeowners and business owners use regularly, a pest control technician is someone they become acquainted with quickly. Even if a problem with insects is minor, without the help of a good company’s assistance in Richmond, the problem worsens.

Five ways to benefit from green pest control this Earth Day are listed below.

Residential Pest Control

Whenever insects are present inside a residence, residential pest control services are needed to take care of them. A punctual and professional technician comes to the home to assess the issue and comes up with a plan to rid your home of termites, mosquitoes, ants, spiders, or bed bugs.

Commercial Pest Control

Businesses of all sizes require solutions that meet their needs. If you own a commercial property that has recently seen an influx of insects or has had a problem with excess moisture, calling a tech to assist with the issue is imperative. It saves you thousands of dollars in damage and allows you to utilize a solution that doesn’t harm the environment.

Termite Control

Termites damage homes and businesses quickly. Often, they go unnoticed for months while they feed on rotting wood and other decaying matter. By the time you finally have your house or business treated for termites, you’ve got a substantial amount of damage to pay for out-of-pocket.

Moisture Control

Warm, damp areas are breeding grounds for insects of all types. Dealing with the root of the problem, the moisture, is vital. Until you address the issue, there will continue to be bugs present.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are ruthless. They bite and cause pain. If you suspect that you have a problem with the pests, it’s time to take care of them with a green pest control treatment plan.

Make this Earth Day one that you’ll never forget. Now that you have access to Eco Pest Control, you’ll be able to keep the pests away for good. You can call us whenever you need help to get rid of pests such as mosquitos, spiders, and bed bugs in a way that doesn’t harm your family or the planet.

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