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With a single phone call we can provide you with a treatment plan that can meet your needs and your budget. Either way, you will be getting the best pest control around at a great price without sacrificing quality. Read below to see what plans we offer. 

All plans begin with our Initial Treatment. This detailed first service begins with a complete inside and outside service of your home which includes the garage and all plumbing penetrations. We also inspect your crawlspace and attic. This initial treatment is the foundation of your pest program. Below is a list of the three different programs we offer. The following services below will begin about 30 days after your initial treatment.

Treatment Options

We know how important your real estate investment is to you and that’s why we offer flexible service plans in monthly, every other month, and quarterly intervals. 

When you join the Eco Pest customer family, you have access to several service options. We customize plans to meet your needs. Please call us to speak to one of our representatives to explain your options to you.

Monthly Service

This plan begins one month after the initial treatment and includes a monthly visit to your home creating a barrier around the outside to keep insects out. This plan is designed for people who have the lowest tolerance for insects and want to do all they can to see the least amount of pests around their home. Although this is mainly an outside service, if you ever need the inside treated we will always do it free of charge.

Bi-Monthly Service

This is our most popular with about 85% of our customers currently utilizing this plan. This plan begins one month after the initial treatment and includes a Bi-monthly visit to your home creating a barrier around the outside of your home to keep insects out. Costing less over the year when compared to our monthly program most people find this quite adequate while seeing only the occasional bug. In addition to our guarantee, what’s not to like. Although this is mainly an outside service, if you ever need the inside treated or the outside re-treated we will always do it free of charge.

Quarterly Service

This service offers quarterly protection around your home. Much like a seasonal treatment plan, this plan over the year will provide the quarterly protection you need to keep the pressure of insect and pests from building up around or in your home. With this program, you may see more insects when compared to our monthly or Bi-Monthly programs because we are treating your home less frequently. Also note that even though this plan is less money over the year compared to our other programs our guarantee is still offered so you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are always covered.

We want you to be completely satisfied with Eco Pest Control. No matter what your problem is, we will take care of it for you. You’ll never need to worry about it but the following gives you some insight into the thoroughness of our treatments. Of course, we guarantee our work for our residence or business.

Treating Your Home

Outside Treatment (Every Time)

  • Power spray three feet up the foundation and 3'- 5' out from the foundation to create a barrier around your home (including all bushes and flower beds)

  • Treat base of windows to prevent insects from entering

  • Treat all lower eaves and inspect upper eaves for wasps and spiders

  • Inspect yard for fire ants

  • Inject dust in weep holes (on initial and during winter months) to eliminate reproduction in harborage areas

  • Treat perimeter of fence line to prevent migration of pests

  • Knock down spider webs and wasp nests in eaves with a Webster duster

  • Soak expansion joints to eliminate nesting areas

Inside Treatment (as needed)

  • Treat baseboards and corners throughout the entire house

  • Injection System to flush out pests nesting inside your home

  • Garage treatment for protection against spiders and other pests

  • Window tracks and base of windows for flies and spiders

  • Entryways to prevent all common pests from entering

As Needed (other included services)

  • Rodent extermination

  • Bait for household ants

  • Flea extermination in carpet

  • Bait for roaches

  • Extermination of pantry pests in cupboards

  • Bait or dust attic

  • Bait or dust crawlspace

Treating Your Business

  • Provide inside and outside inspections at each visit

  • Choose the appropriate treatment to control unwanted pests in and around the structure

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Seeing bugs inside? We'll come back for FREE! Our service guarantee is that you will receive friendly, effective service every time a technician comes to your home. You'll always receive notification prior to and after coming to your home or place of business to perform your service. If you need a scheduled appointment, we will be on-time.

At Eco Pest Control, our top priority is your satisfaction, and that means keeping you bug free! If you’re on one of our recurring treatment plans and you see more than the occasional insect between your regularly scheduled treatments, we will come out and retreat your home for free - no questions asked!