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Bed bugs are a wingless insect that are small in size, nocturnal, and feast on human blood. Because they are so small detecting whether or not you have an infestation can be a little difficult. If you have red, irritating, very itchy bug bites that you are not sure where you got them, they very well could be the bite of a bed bug. It is best if you suspect bed bugs to not try and treat them on your own but let a professional treat them.

With just a simple phone call to Eco Pest Pest Control, we can provide you with a more information on bed bugs and provide you with an idea of how our bed bugs extermination plan would work. You will find that after talking with us and getting a quote that you are getting the best pest extermination treatment around at an unbeatable price and you will not be sacrificing quality.

Bed Bug Treatment Program

We know how difficult a bed bug problem can be on your family and on your peace of mind. Addressing this problem quickly and effectively is a must! Our comprehensive, thorough bed bug treatment service allows us to completely eradicate these pests from your home. With a treatment plan, we aggressively manage the problem to ensure our goal of ‘No Bugs, No Bites’ and restore your peace of mind.

We know that when it comes to choosing a pest control company in Richmond, VA to get rid of your unwanted bed bug guests you have a choice. With our reputation and satisfaction guarantee. Call us Today!


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